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  • CUPRIGHT has a Sturdy Weighted Tip-Proof Design

  • CUPRIGHT is Insulated and has a Double Wall to help keep beverages warm or cool

  • CUPRIGHT has a Groove around the base to catch a drip

  • CUPRIGHT has a Rubber Bottom to help prevent sliding


  • CUPRIGHT Stops Tip Over Spills. It will keep your cup upright and secure to help protect electronics, paper documents, and clothing from liquid spills

  • CUPRIGHT is insulated and will help maintain the temperature of your beverage longer 

  • CUPRIGHT prevents condensation from touching the surface, and will catch a drip, thereby eliminating the need for a coaster

  • CUPRIGHT can be used on a desktop, tabletop, or any flat stationary surface, and the rubber bottom makes it slide resistant 

Desktop cup holder, desk accessories, Cupright, Non Spill Cup
CUPRIGHT insulated table & desk cup holder
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