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Where can I use CUPRIGHT?
CUPRIGHT was designed for use on a desk, table or any stationary flat surface. Other uses are not recommended.

How do I clean CUPRIGHT?
CUPRIGHT should be hand washed only. Use mild nonabrasive soap and cleaners available for use on plastics. CUPRIGHT should not be placed in a dishwasher. 

Can CUPRIGHT be customized with my company logo for promotional use?
Yes, purchase orders with a minimum quantity of 25 units can be customized with a company logo or other information for an additional cost.  For more information on large quantity orders and pricing please contact us through form on the contact page. 

Does CUPRIGHT come in any other colors?
CUPRIGHT is available in two shades to compliment your other desk accessories. Cinnamon Mix (which varies in shade and pattern) and Expresso which is black in color. 

What are CUPRIGHT’s dimensions?
Height 4”, width 5.5” bottom to 3.5” top. While CUPRIGHT was designed specifically with your favorite to-go sized cup in mind, it also accommodates beverage cans, bottles and glasses!

What materials are used?
Plastic cylinder, neoprene insulating lining, rubber skid resistant bottom.

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