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Every new product has a story. The CUPRIGHT story is a simple one. Millions of people work at a desk each day, drink a beverage at their desk each day, and many spill a beverage at their desk each day. I know this for a fact,

because I, and many of my colleagues are amongst those desk working drink spillers! 


Countless keyboards, cell phones and other electronics are destroyed every day, not to mention important documents, design or artwork and clothing. We spend our valuable time and money cleaning up spills, dropping stained clothing at the cleaners and apologizing to co-workers for interrupted meetings … until now!


When you think about it, your desk is already home to accessories that hold files, pens and clips - none of which will damage anything if knocked over. The CUPRIGHT cup holder is the only desk accessory that is beneficial for your desktop, and the only desktop accessory that you really need!


Simply put, using a CUPRIGHT cup holder to keep your cup stable and upright allows you to enjoy your favorite beverage without the fear of knocking it over and adding stress to your day.

CUPRIGHT, a cup holder for your desk, It just makes sense!

Desktop cup holder, desk accessories, Cupright, Non Spill Cup


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